Wonderfruit Music Festival Pattaya 2018 has Announced Initial Artists Lineup!

Like every other year, this year’s Wonderfruit Music Festival takes place In the Pattaya City in Thailand at the Fields of Siam Country Club. This time the 4-day Arts, Food and Music Festival takes on the 13-16 on the Calendar of December 2018.

Wonderfruit is not just a typical music exhibition but revolves around six pillars all form live Music experiences to talks and workshop that would literally change your ides of life. Further, there are superlative cuisines and innovative art installations with many more captivating activities to bring people together.

Wonderfruit has announced their initial lineup of music artist taking the stage in this year on December. An extensive range of local and international music artists with different musical bands exhibiting their talent and filling the festival atmosphere with their enticing musical vibes.

Coming all the way from Walsall, England is the Drums and Bass Pioneer Clifford Price otherwise known as Goldie. Then the master of genre-bending music Nightmares on Wax will also be joining this year’s festival. After that using the features of pop, R&B, electronic and jazz, Sirintip the New York-based Thai-Swedish singer will blow you away with her own created sounds. After which you will be amazed to see a wonderful coordination of two times Grammy awards nominee, Carmen Rizzo, the Los Angeles producer and musician and a Tuvan acoustic group of four Huun Huur Tu.

Other than these the lineup includes Fleetmac Wood, Gidge, Horse Meat Disco, Howie Lee, Kweku Collins, Libella, Lord Echo, Seb Wildblood, SYPS, and Young Marco with a lot more still to be announced.

Besides the music, an international and local artist come together at the Fields to flaunt their art installations and architectures that can stir your thoughts mindlessly.

Wonderfruit works to woo your senses with lots of amazing food from farms to feast. To exhibit the true sense of organic farming showcasing the relationship between farmers and customers the Wonderfruit has this year partnered with Patom Organic Living and the Sookjai Foundation to bring that village feel to the festival. You can also enjoy the outdoor lunch or dinner feast in the Theatre of Feasts designed by experts offering a banquet-style feast made by the worldwide renown and award-winning chefs. Other than all of this there is also various other food stalls, trucks, cocktail bars and even restaurants.

In addition, there are talks and workshops programs. The Scratch talk invites many award-winning authors and thought provokers to ease your mind and welcome you to learn a range of topics which are sure to bring a positive change in your life and the workshop provides an equal opportunity for everyone to learn to work with their hands creatively. The workshops cover every possible Handy Art from jewelry making to wood crafting and photographic techniques etc. and that not the end of it, there is still more, Camp Wonder at last offer Parents and Children to mingle together in a fun camp experience where they learn and play all at the same time.

Don’t miss your chance to this wonderful experience full of wonders and get your tickets now. The Tickets and all the other information is available at Wonderfruit’s Official Website.

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