Songkran Water Festival: Survival Tips and Tricks

Songkran is an annual festival held every 13 to 15 of April (Dates and Days may vary in different areas) when stars shift, and a new Thai year begins, in which people all over Thailand Splash water on everybody including anyone who comes in their way. This splashing of water is considered a way to purify soul and to wash off all the bad omen from the previous year by Thai people.

People also go to shrines and temples to give offerings and pray for the year ahead. They also make new year resolutions just like us, but the most important factor of the remains the water fights that takes on every corner of the Thailand and turns it into a war zone.


We have created a list of things you might want to consider if you are planning a holiday around that time of the year to Thailand. Following are a few things to keep in mind while you are at it:

Follow the Rules:

Yes! Even though this is supposed to be a safe water festival where you enjoy pouring on each other there are some rules you must consider before you start your fight like you must make sure the water you are using is clean and also that the water is not hot, room temperature can do as well as ice cold water in case its not too cold to cause the person you are pouring it at any harm. Some people add powder to their water making it a gooey and thick substance that Is prohibited in some area and you should also avoid doing such things.

You can use water guns or plain buckets for water fights but make sure that they are not heavy pressure guns that can hurt people. And make sure you know well where you are aiming at better not hit someone in the eye and turn the fun experience into a dangerous one some people also get arrested for not abiding by the rules.
Keep in mind that alcohol consumption is not allowed before 5 in the evening and can only be consumed in bars or hotels, so you better not be found trolling around street drinking.

Also keep your eyes open as some alcohol-driven men see this as a chance to grope and get extra touchy while lathering your face with white powder.

Songkran Water Festival Girls

Get Your Valuables Waterproofed:

As you know that the whole city will be filled people intended to get you wet it is better to safeguard your valuables that have a danger of getting ruined by water. You can easily find plastic bags being sold on the street and you can put your electronics in them to secure them.

You can also bring a big waterproof bag to put your things inside also plan ahead to get fully soaked with water and put your cards and other necessary items in a safe plastic bag. Also, carry a waterproof camera or don’t bring it along at all. Or you have the option to bring extra disposable stuff to avoid getting them drenched and damaged.

Make Sure To Dress Lightly:

You simply can’t avoid getting soaked so its is better to be prepared beforehand. Avoid dressing up too much as you are in for a water fight it will be more appropriate to wear something light or should I say wear something that you don’t mind getting wet. It is better to skip white dresses unless you don’t mind it being a see-through after being fully drenched. Also avoid jeans or denim pants as they will get heavy after getting wet and you will have to face difficulty walking around in them. see this holiday as a beach party and dress as light as you can with flip flops, t-shirts and short or such. It will be a great idea to wear your swimsuit under your cloths it will you in maintaining your dignity once you get all soaked. Put a of sun screen and wear googles to avoid getting hit in the eyes with water.

Avoid Wet Powder:

One more thing to keep in mind is that some people might also mark your face with wet powder it is considered to be a blessing that stays with you even after you are dried up after the festival. But it is better to avoid this altogether as there is not any guarantee that the person who is lathering your face has clean hands and also this powder tends to clog through the pores pf your skin and can cause serious damage to your skin. If you don’t want to look like an acne filled teenager, you better use precautions and bring a clean water bottle to wash your face if someone happens to mark your face with this wet powder.

Remember it’s a Holiday:

If you know what I mean this must have become clear that if it’s a holiday that means holiday all over the city i.e. no banks and no ATMs. So, make sure you have your required amount of cash with you and also don’t carry too much cash with as it will be a crowded weekend there is a high chance of pick pocketers to be out of leash so keep your eyes open and plan wisely on what you need to do to secure your money.


Remember There are Also Temples:

Songkran is not just about water fights and wet powder the whole festivity actually has a deeper and religious outlook. There are also some important religious ceremonies that take place as part of the festival and there is no prohibition for tourist not to take part in these so make sure you enjoy this part of festivity with all people as well. There are also somethings you must avoid if you want to mess up anything during your visit to the temple like you better watch out not to dress appropriately, do not touch anybody’s head as it considered immoral, do not point your feet towards buddha or any of the monks, leave your shoes behind before stepping into temple, do not touch any of the monks or spill water on them and don’t kiss your partner or anyone while you are on temple grounds.

That’s it guys all that you need to know before you go to Songkran Water Festival.

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