Buffalo Racing Festival 2018, Chonburi Province

Chonburi is an eastern province of Thailand and mostly known for its Buffalo Racing festival. The festival is more than just a festival and has become one of Chonburi’s traditions for […]

Khao Phansa – Buddhist Lent Festival 2018

The Khao Phansa Festival or also known as Buddhist Lent is a time period of three months by Buddhists where they avoid things like meat, alcohol, and tobacco. The monks […]

Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival 2018

Lopburi is a city situated in the center of Thailand and is 150 kms north of Bangkok. This city aside from being famous for its historical architecture is also majorly […]

Pattaya International Music Festival 2018

The Pattaya International Music Festival is one of the biggest music events in Thailand. It is one show that you can’t get enough of. Annually held in Pattaya Region of […]