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B-Floor Theatre, Butoh Co-op Thailand, and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) presents 'Butoh Women: the 8th International Butoh Festival'

The international Butoh Festival makes a comeback this year after taking a year off, and it will feature exclusively female artists who will be dancing out the charms of Butoh art form. This is truly an outcast art form of the era, yet its impact on the contemporary dance scene has continued for over half a century.

Butoh is movement from within - the heart of the Eastern way of life. It digs deep and devours into the soul. Some say it's the dance of darkness. Others say is a formless dance of identity. Butoh artists weave their own learning and experience into a unique fabric under a teacher's guidance. This is an art of the individual, where each builds their own sword and dances with it to a self-written sword melody.

Apart from a variety of Butoh performance, this year's festival features Butoh workshops by Yuko Kawamoto, Sylvie Bruzeau, and Bo Kittiphon. Be an eye-witness to performance packages of international variety by Yuko Kawamoto (Japan), Natalie K. Kim (Korea), Yeow Lai Chee (Malaysia), Sylvie Bruzeau (France) and Vinci Mok (Hong kong), together with two artists from Thailand, Bo Kittiphon and Sasapin Siriwanij.

Also featured in an exhibition of photography, video, and installation inspired by Butoh as an art form by artists Teerawat Mulvilai, Tawit Keitprapai, Nithiwat Cholvanit, Stephen Funke (Finland) and Boaz Zippor (Israel).

Butoh Women: the 8th International Butoh Festival is on December 6 - 13, 2013 at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC). Book now for best promotional prices. For more information please contact 085 1601677 or or visit