Complete Guide To The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand

Whenever you plan a trip to Thailand make sure to attend the Full Moon Party. It is one of the biggest beach party ever originated in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Phangan, Thailand. Now if you are willing to join this party you must know how to enjoy it to fullest. To make this trip easy for you here’s a complete guide to the Full Moon Party.
For start let’s find out what is this party, how it started, who started it and what happened after.

full moon party thailand

Brief History Of Full Moon Party:

Ko Phangan has become one of the most popular foundation to a fantastic beach party. More than 30,000 people join this party every month on the night of, before or after every full moon. It is mostly attended by tourists looking for fun time during their holiday trip to Thailand. It’s a must place to go whenever you get a chance to go to Thailand. Now about how it started.

Many many years back a pack of tourists found out this awesome place where you can enjoy full moon and have fun. they started with a small party with bunch of friends enjoying the moon light and seashore. They had such a great time that they had to come here once again and then again soon after which the words got out and people started coming to this place and since then its more like a tradition that follows the same routine every month on the full moon night. People come from all over the world to enjoy this night of festivity and amusement.

The party contains more than 12 powerful sound systems on 800-metre beach turning it into an open-air nightclub. This is probably the most famous parties in the world with a lively festival-like atmosphere, great music and huge quantities of alcohol. The beach is full of people selling alcohol, there are also jugglers and fire dancers, brilliant firework display, and little booths selling glow-in-the-dark face paint.

The Full Moon Party is truly one of a kind and you’ll have loads of fun. the atmosphere here is very lively and everybody’s friendly too. you won’t see anyone or anything like that. People come here for fun and that is the only thing you are going to find here.

When does it starts?

As you can guess from its name it’s a full moon party so obviously on full moon night. The latest update on the party is that it will be held on the 30th May 2018 on the usual place. But don’t worry if you miss it because you have more options like half-moon party, quarter-moon party, and black-moon party. You can join the fun anytime. The party starts at dusk when there is a visible round yellow moon in the sky. Every night is like a party over here on Koh Phangan.

full moon party koh Phangan

Place To Stay:

After knowing all about the party the main thing that comes to mind is where you are going to stay. Don’t worry there are many accommodations places here on Haad Rin but when It comes to accommodation you will want to stay as close as possible to the party. For that you need to be here before the party minimum a week or two before, so you can get some best deals on hotel rooms etc. if not you might have to struggle to get anything around the more you wait the harder it gets.

Cost Per Room:

Here’s what you can expect to pay for your bed per night:
Dorm room (there are now a lot of dorms here, which wasn’t the case a few years ago): 300 baht
Regular room with A/C and hot water: 500–800 baht
Really nice room: 1,000–1,500 baht
Basic bungalow: 800 baht
Really nice bungalow: 2,000–3,800 baht

Note: ($1 USD = 30 baht)

Remember the closer the dates are to the full moon party the more the prices will increase. A day before or on the day of party the prices for accommodation will double the amount they were before and if you are here at some specific occasion such as new year’s, then you can expect them to be even tripled including a mandatory holiday dinner that I might inform you is quite expensive, it’s just another way to get more money out of you so beware don’t say I didn’t told you.

Online Bookings?

I personally don’t recommend booking online because the deals you are going to find online will be sky high. Also, they restrict you to stay longer (approximately 10 nights) than you originally need here. There are lot of easy accommodations in Haad Rin and you’ll have to come here in person to get those you are not going to find them online on websites like or Agoda. Come here yourself and that’s the only best way to get cheap and good hotel rooms in Haad Rin.

If you want an alternative to Haad Rin, then Ban Tai Beach could be the best option. It’s a little over the Haad Rin beach and its where most people go when there is no more room here in Haad Rin. And if you stay on northern parts that’s going to cost you a lot because you’ll be very far away from the party and the boat taxis and normal taxis that run there are very expensive. Other than that, you can also check out Full Moon Party Booking Packages for your ease comfort. Due top their direct contract with the hotel you can get better access to a clean and comfortable room easily.

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Getting There:

Since there is no airport on the island everybody comes there through a ferry. You can get to the nearest island Koh Samui and then take a taxi or a ferry there are two routes for getting there via Surat Thani is another alternative to Koh Samui. Round-trip tickets from Surat Thani will cost you 600 baht and you will be dropped off at Thong Sala you can get a taxi in 100 baht from there to Haad Rin. And if you are going from Koh Samui, you will have to pay approximately 200 baht for a route from Big Buddha Pier or Maenam Beach. One benefit is that given the time of the day or the company whose ferry you are using you can get to the main dock of Thong Sala or even Haad Rin. Don’t worry you can easily get a boat from Koh Samui to Haad Rin because during Full Moon Party boats go there like every hour.

Also, there are a lot of bus companies that run their buses during whole night from Bangkok to Koh Phangan in 450 to 600 baht. The price also includes the ferries. You’ll have to take a bus traveling all night to Surat Thani then sit at the ferry terminal for a few hours and then you can take the ferry to the island. It sure is a long night but still much cheaper than flying there. Also, some bus companies take the Chumphon Route and then you take the ferry from there, both routes take up a lot of time but usually Chumphon ferries are way better than Surat Thani ones.

Full Moon Party:

The party starts days before the full moon because people start piling up on the island way before the full moon night. On the day of the party you can see tourists from all around the world and some neighboring island people crowding the beach like from Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Most people start drinking from afternoon and also typically people head for the beach to party at around 9 PM. At about midnight to 2 AM the crowd gets to its peak and beach is full of people from all over. Specially on new year’s eve, the beach starts filling up at 8 PM.

Costs At The Full Moon Party:
Here’s costs of various things you’ll need on Haad Rin:
Average Thai meal: 120 baht
Average Western meal: 200 baht
Banana pancakes: 30 baht
Cheap food sold on the beach: 40–50 baht
Beer: 80–100 baht (30 in a 7-11 store)
Cigarettes: 80 baht
Buckets: 200–300 baht, depending on the kind of alcohol, The price can rise up to 400 baht specially on New Year’s Eve.
Toilets: 5–10 baht


Cost-effective Choices:

For Alcohol:

The best way to save money on alcohol will be to buy your beer from the 7-11 or simply buy buckets from the beach, where you can get alcohol as cheap as 180 baht.

For Food:

Food is quite posh in Haad Rin, but don’t worry we have got you covered there are some good budget choices. Paprika, the Israeli restaurant, offers a falafel sandwich and fruit shake combo for 100 baht. There is a parking lot in the center of the town just by walking down a street behind it you’ll find a small Thai restaurant that offer 50 to 60 baht per meal, which is about half the price of most other restaurants. Opposite to the “Planet Hollywood” (just a restaurant that swiped the name) is one more decent and low-priced Thai place.

What the is a bucket?

A Thai Bucket is typically a bucket filled with a can of coke. Thai Red Bull and a 375ml bottle of alcohol.

Party Survival Tips:

Here’s a list of things you better keep in mind if you want to keep this party a fun experience:

Careful With the Drugs:

Thailand is full of drugs specially at parties like the full moon but beware that all type of drugs is illegal in Thailand and you can be charge by some pretty bad punishment or could get locked up in prison. There are undercover Policemen patrolling the beach who will try to arrest by selling you drugs also you can not trust anyone local people there usually turn on tourist and tell about them to police for reward. Though your safe if you are just smoking a joint or doing a pill most policemen are not interested in arresting anyway granted they get to have a desirable bribe. You can expect to pay minimum 1000 USD for avoiding getting in jail and the price may vary provided what kind of person the cop is and how much good are you at bargaining.


Pass on the Jump Rope:

Can you imagine people who are practically really really drunk jumping a rope that is been soaked in gasoline and then lit on fire for fun? you’ll say that is just insane. But people do exactly that on the full moon party, you may be the best rope jumper, but you can’t say the same for the guy who will be partnered with you. That’s why you better avoid getting wrapped up in this mess. A lot of people get burned doing this crazy stuff once the rope got wrapped around one guy’s arm and burned all his skin off he had to be immediately taken to the hospital and in some cases, it can be life threatening. I don’t call this fun its pure insanity.

full-moon-party Jump Rope


Having the buckets can be deadly if you are not careful enough. Most people start drinking before the sun rise and then they are the ones you can see passed out on the beach by midnight. And there are a few buckets that can get you very very drunk so here’s a tip you should follow if you really want to see the next sunrise: DO NOT DRINK BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Also, bare it in mind that The Red Bull traded in Asia holds ephedra. This substance feels like speed. It also refutes the upshot of the alcohol swiftly, and you don’t feel as much drunk as you actually are. So, be careful regarding your consumption of both liquids.


Avoid the ocean:

You may think playing in the ocean is one but that’s another case for the ocean in Thailand specially during full moon party. Not only you can drown as there can be some strong waves but also everyone at the party treats the oceans as their personal toilet. The warm water of the ocean in the Thailand is not only due to the climate. So, to stay clean you must avoid going into the ocean.

full moon party sea

Things To Bring At Party:

In a crowd like these there is high possibility for theft so better be careful and bring as little as possible. Just enough money to buy your drinks and your room key. Nothing more will be needed here.

The Full Moon Party is one of the major and famous parties in the world. The massive mainstream of travelers in Southeast Asia will be there, and people of all ages and nationalities can be seen there along with a few families. The party is absolutely exceptional and fascinating, but if you don’t know how to properly enjoy it can also turn into a dangerous experience or can just be too expensive. So, enjoy but better to be prepared.

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