Broadway Musical ‘Miss Saigon’ Arrives at Sunderland Empire Theatre

The Cameron Mackintosh creation “Miss Saigon” has arrived at Sunderland’s Empire Theatre and stays until November 17. It’ll be justifiable to say that the show will make you dewy-eyes in no time.


The story of an explicit romance fated to end in disasters, during the historical Vietnam War is both captivating and moving in a unique kind of way. It’s a story between a seventeen-year-old young woman Kim (Sooha Kim) and American GI Chris (Ashley Gilmour) and their heartbreaking love.

It all started when the American GI paid 50$ for the company of Kim. The story is about the fall of Saigon and about the girl who was separated from her love at that time. The second act of the show trails her expedition to find the father of her son “Chris” and reunite them. You can also get your Miss Saigon cheap tickets from Tickets4Musical.

This musical was the second most hit works of Boublil and Schonberg after the musical “Les Miz”. The musical contains many tear-jerking moments as it displays the establishment of American Army and the tragedy that has come forth on Little Miss Saigon (Sooha Kim). The impressive and emotional way the songs been sung by Kim is heart moving.

Except from that the staging is just perfect from the flashing lights if Saigon and Bangkok to the days of reconsolidation and the brilliant evacuation scene of the American embassy through a helicopter that probably weighs three tons. Plus, the choreography is likewise remarkable.


Among everything Leo Tavarro Valdez’s Engineer performance was the truly something else, at the same the North-East actor Ryan O’Gorman portrayed a strong character.

If you happen to see a big line of women weeping out at the theaters in Sunderland then it undoubtedly means that they have just watched “Miss Saigon”

When Miss Saigon first came into theaters in the West End probably around 1989, the Vietnam War was fresh in the minds of the people who turn up to watch the show. But now it has become merely a historical event that took place back in the days. However, “Miss Saigon” astonishingly represented the event of love, sorrow, and sacrifice that the event reverberates into the audience’s conscious.

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