A Platform for Drum Making Talent and Music: Ang Thong Drum Festival 2018

Ang Thong is a Drum making and exhibiting Festival that takes place at Ekkarat Village, Pa Mok District, Ang Thong Province in Thailand annually. This usually is celebrated every year in the month of August at the end of the harvest season. The celebrations are also taking place at Ban Phae Village also known as Drum-making Village for their exceptional talent of Drum-making.

The celebration lasts for three days and exhibits different activities during that time. Most common activities include making of Drums by the villagers. The villagers make the skin of these drums from cowhide and the other parts of the drum are made from a high-quality tree wood that helps in making an echoing sound.

The Drum Festival celebrations are also commemorated by little ceremonies like “Wai Kru ceremony” & “Krob Kru ceremony” both related to honoring teachers. The Thai people strongly believe in the major role of a teacher in shaping a child’s character, therefore, see it compulsory to honor and appreciate them. “Wai Kru ceremony” & “Krob Kru ceremony” are both celebrated in their respect as a thankfulness. Students of every kind present their esteemed teachers with flowers that display their importance and value in a child’s life.

As Thai people consider each kind of craftsmanship as a talent that needs to be taught hence all the Drum-makers also appraise their masters or teachers who taught them these skills.

Other than this there are numerous more activities that take place during the Drum Festival in Ang Thong such as drum-making and drum-playing contests, followed by drumming performances with lights and so much, there is frequently also a parade of Drum beaters that circle around the villages showcasing talent.

In addition, there is also a drum-making exhibition that takes place at Ekkarat Village in Ang Thong Province along with some singing contests. Then there is the sale of Ang Thong’s local goods and food vendors are found everywhere.

Moreover, there are also Thai classical music show, long drum and drum dances, a mini light-and-sound presentation at night, conveying the “Legend of the Drum-making Village” and many more activities.

The festival is filled with tourists from all around the world many of which also take part in drum-making and playing contests as well. The numerous performances include artists from India, South Korea, and Taiwan in addition to Thailand.

The Drum festival is a local as well as an international celebration mushed together bringing many cultural and traditionally strong countries together to celebrate. The festival is a perfect example of measures that can be taken to bring union and harmony between different countries and their people.

TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said, “This is part of our effort to promote Asian and ASEAN social and cultural integration by highlighting the spectacular role and uses of drums in many aspects of life. It will also go a long way towards enhancing the role of Thailand as a centre of arts, music, and culture. Visitors will be fascinated by how many different kinds of drums there are.”

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