A festive start to Oktoberfest

Around 1,000 members partake in the happy motorcade of the Wiesn proprietors and distilleries at the Theresienwiese. Lead by the Münchner Kindl, the city mascot, on horseback and the merry steed drawn carriage of the Munich civic chairman, trailed by the blossom decorated carriages of the Wiesn proprietors and their families, celebration trucks, groups and, obviously, the glorious trucks of the Munich bottling works, drawn by draft ponies.


Customary beginning date: the main Saturday of the Wiesn:

The motorcade of the proprietors denotes the official beginning of Oktoberfest. It happens on the principal Saturday of the Wiesn, before the acclaimed “O’zapft is!”. The following one is at 10:45 am on Saturday, September 21, 2019. This is trailed by the conventional outfit and seekers’ motorcade at 10 am on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Off to the Wiesn: the procession course:

The procession begins on Josephspitalstraße behind the Sendlinger Tor, continues onto Sonnenstraße and takes a left onto Schwanthaler Straße. From that point, it heads straight onwards to the Bavariaring, after which it proceeds onto Wirtsbudenstraße and into the individual celebration tents. Dependably at 12 early afternoon, the city hall leader opens Oktoberfest in the Schottenhamel celebration lobby with the customary call, “O’zapft is”.


Far over the activity: stands offer the best view:

The procession can be seen from the roadside (note, don’t land via vehicle as there are no parking spots). On the off chance that you like to watch the display situated, you can save situates in one of the stands raised along the procession course. You can discover the stands with the best perspectives on the motorcade of Wiesn proprietors and distilleries here:

  • Sonnenstraße in front of Hausbank
  • Sonnenstraße in front of Lindberg
  • Sonnenstraße on the grass verge

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